How To Get Involved

Your involvement inspires young adult minds.
By sharing your experiences, you help J4NG youth see themselves in your place,
and to imagine what they might be able to do with hard work and commitment.


“When I was in high school, I didn’t care about school, got behind in grades and credits and found myself failing. Then, I joined J4NG, and my grades increased! My drive for success was on. After graduating, I completed the diesel program at GBC. Today, I work for a contractor to Nevada Gold Mines. By starting a $1,000 scholarship for J4NG students at West Wendover, my dream of helping others in my community came true!”

Get Involved

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Be part of the Success!

Your tax-deductible donation can change lives.

With your support, J4NG inspires students to be excited about their futures, and provides them the skills and guidance they need to thrive in school and succeed in today’s job market. We believe all students have the potential to succeed and reach their goals. Your support can help them get there.


Meeting Short Term Needs & Realizing Long-Term Dreams

“Together, Wells Fargo and Jobs For Nevada’s Graduates are working to develop the next generation of leaders in our community and in business, that’s an important mission to keep Nevada vibrant, innovative and a leading economy in the nation for many years to come.”

Southern Nevada Region Bank President Brian Formisano, Wells Fargo

J4NG was a class I never knew I needed until I did, and I’m fortunate that I put these tools in my toolbox early.”

LaVerk H, Del Sol Academy High School

“I cannot think of a better organization that collaborates with the State and the Governor to personally endorse. They are accomplishing everything we as residents of Nevada would want in a non-profit. In my mind, at the end of the day, they are allowing students to “dream” and chase those dreams.”

Vincent Telles, Bank of Nevada

J4NG is a Family

 Watch How Students Become a Part of J4NG

Every fall, J4NG programs across Nevada (and the U.S.) hold I&I events.  Officers are installed, pledges are taken, proud parents take lots of pics!


Get a glimpse of J4NG’s vibrant students and staff. Learn how you can make a difference by donating or getting involved.

J4NG was Built for Public/Private Partnerships

J4NG blends funding from our corporate sponsors and funding from the state of Nevada.  J4NG also has extensive employer partnerships to facilitate career pathway entry.

Graduation is not Enough

Education & Career Are Pathways Into the Middle Class

Getting students to graduate is not enough. Students need help finding a pathway into careers that pay liveable wages, and they need a caring adult for transition to adulthood.


RAY’SHAUN, Class of 2015

I joined J4NG as a junior at Eldorado High School. I wanted to enter law enforcement, and I wanted a career in landscaping. Seeing my need for guidance, my counselor encouraged me to take the J4NG class. J4NG gave me practical workplace skills and allowed me to meet other JAG kids from across the country. Today, I am proud to say I am the first J4NG alum to come back as a Specialist! Every day I apply the tools J4NG gave me.

Get Involved


Are you interested in supporting J4NG in its mission to help elevate achievement outcomes for Nevada Students?
J4NG works because people are committed to helping youth. If you want to join us or know a student who needs our help, contact us.