Bright Futures in Nevada Start with J4NG

In today’s educational climate, the needs for our youth are clear, and organizations are coming to the table with robust solutions. At Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (J4NG), we address these complex and nonlinear challenges with solution-driven tactics that further our mission to help students overcome barriers and achieve success in school, graduate and prepare for career paths. 

J4NG programs can be found in at least 50 high schools across the state, serving more than 3,400 students. As an organization, we are working hard to expand this number, so that every high school student will eventually have access to a J4NG program in their zoned school. 

As part of the national organization, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), we align with the national standards to address the long-term needs of Nevada’s vulnerable population and students who may be struggling. In fact, J4NG is among the top JAG programs, as it has continued to exceed the national standard of metrics in several categories, including in graduation rate, full-time job placement rate, college enrollment and others. 

JAG’s Data Driven Method Drives Success

Considered “one of the most effective dropout prevention programs,” by Governor Steve Sisolak, over 40 years of data proves the JAG model is actually one of the most effective dropout prevention and workforce readiness programs in the nation. Averaging a 97% graduation rate, J4NG students are some of the brightest students in the state, despite the challenges and roadblocks they may face throughout their schooling. Additionally, J4NG achieves a 77% average placement rate in full-time employment, college, or military positions. Often, students enter the program with a narrow vision of what their future could look like. J4NG is there to help them discover their potential and work their way toward graduation and future career success. Consistent data proves that this method works. 

That’s why J4NG students are more likely to graduate, enter college and find careers at a higher rate than their peers. Many of which stay in Nevada for work and post-secondary education, creating a generation of skilled workers in a variety of industries. 

In order to continue building Nevada’s workforce, J4NG partners with a number of locally based businesses, including big names such as Tesla and MGM Resorts, to segue students into apprenticeship and career training opportunities. Offering these programs gives students an attainable opportunity they can achieve.

One-On-One Support

Whether it’s struggling grades, conflicts at home, building interview skills or applying to college, J4NG students are met with trained professional academic leaders called specialists that work one-on-one with students. Our specialists build deep, meaningful relationships to ensure each student feels heard and supported with a reliable caring adult to turn to for advice – personal or professional. For that reason, every J4NG youth gets at least 120 contact hours a year with their mentors, and oftentimes many more. Plus, students are guaranteed 12 months of follow-up support from their J4NG specialist post-graduation. It’s a significant investment with rewarding payoff. 

J4NG not only provides wraparound support and addresses immediate needs of its students, we teach students the skills they need to carry them through college and careers for years beyond graduation.

If you are interested in learning more about the J4NG program or bringing a program to your district/area, I’d love to visit with you. I can be reached at 725-235-3670 or